Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vladimir Jabotinsky- ‘The Iron Wall (We and the Arabs)’

MWC News, March 15, 2011

Vladimir Jabotinsky
Rassvyet, Berlin, November 4, 1923

Note: If you want to know what Benjamin Netanyahu really thinks about coexisting with Palestinians, Vladimir Jabotinsky’s 1923 article, The Iron Wall (We and the Arabs), is a must read. Benzion Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister’s father, was Jabotinsky’s secretary.

When Britain declared Palestine to be the future Jewish national home, Palestine included today’s Jordan. But in 1921 London separated it from Palestine and gave it to the son of Britain’s puppet Sharif of Mecca. As no Jews lived there, the World Zionist Organization’s leaders accepted the loss. But Jabotinsky insisted that the WZO had to “revise” its policy. Britain giving part of Palestine to an Arab would inspire Palestinians to struggle on until they got it all back.

When Jabotinsky died in 1940, Revisionism was a minority within the Zionist camp. Few outside its ranks read The Iron Wall. But since 1977 Israel has had five Zionist-Revisionist Prime Ministers. The Knesset, Israel’s parliament, has declared the 12th of the Hebrew month of Tevet as “Jabotinsky Day,” when schools study his writings. Indeed his Iron Wall has become essential for anyone seeking basic understanding of Israel’s grim reality.

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