Thursday, August 04, 2011

Johan Galtung: Norway the Victim, Norway the Perpetrator

by Johan Galtung, Foreign Policy Journal, August 3, 2011

TRANSCEND Media Service — Anders Breivik was driven by a calling to save Christianity, catholic essentially, from a European civil war with Islam. The message said: Islam enters Europe on roads paved by multiculturalism, built by social democrats like the Workers’ Youth League at Utöya, the scene of killings. The calling goes on: dialogue with an implacable, fanatic enemy is impossible. Violence against government quarters, and massacre of young supporters, however regrettable, was necessary. Norway, Europe needed a wake-up call to return to their “origins.”

These crazy articles of faith found an evil terrorist carrier? The above words serve as a road sign: “No further thinking needed.” However, it is not the way to handle a catastrophe – only a lazy, easy, way out. We have to ask searching questions.

Is there something to it? What does this remind us of? How do we prevent a repeat?

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