Thursday, July 21, 2011

Deception and Invisible Weapons and Wars

The United States has a long history of deception and invisible weaponry. Even before the Second World War was over, biological, chemical, radiological, and environmental weapons were being tested by the US Chemical Corps, writes Dallas Darling.
Middle East Online, July21, 2011

One of the greatest strategies for an army to employ in order to win a war is deception. From the use of smoke, to hide military maneuvering and movements, to unique modern-day camouflage techniques and special paints on military equipment and weaponry, so as to deflect radar and appear invisible to the enemy, deception has been utilized by many armed forces and militaries throughout the history of warfare.

At the same time, armies that are unseen, stealth, covert, and even invisible, have a tremendous advantage in wartime. But effective deception and invisibility requires an enormous commitment of significant resources and endless hours of human ingenuity and innovation to convince an enemy. It can also backfire, causing friendly fire or national self-destruction, as can be observed in several military campaigns of the 20th and 21st centuries.

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