Monday, July 11, 2011

Uri Avnery: When seeing isn’t believing…

Uri Avnery, Morning Star Online,  July 10, 2011
For several weeks now, Israel’s army and navy have been in a state of high alert, bravely facing a deadly threat to the country’s very existence – 10 little boats trying to reach Gaza.
These vessels are carrying a dangerous gang of vicious terrorists, in the form of elderly veterans of peace campaigns.

Benjamin Netanyahu has affirmed Israel’s unshakeable determination to defend his country – he shall not let anyone break the blockade to smuggle rockets to the terrorists in Gaza, who will then launch them to kill innocent children.

This is a kind of record even for Netanyahu. Not a single word is true.

The flotilla is not carrying any weapons – the representatives of respected international media on the boats have provided assurance of this.

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