Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fade to White: The Tender Treatment of Christian Terror
Anders Behring Breivik, 32, is being named a suspect in the Oslo, Norway, shooting and bombing on Friday, July 22, 2011. (Facebook photo) 

Chris Floyed, Empire burlesque, July 23, 2011

There is not much to say about the horrific events in Norway, beyond this general observation. If a white, Christian nationalist carries out such atrocities, then he is, inevitably and always, a “lone nut,” an outlier, emblematic of nothing but his own individual lunacy. But if a Muslim– or any person of color or non-white ethnicity — does anything similar (or indeed, far less serious in scope), why then, that perpetrator is emblematic of an entire race or religion or ethnic group: a group which must then be laid under collective suspicion, and collective harrasment, by the “security” forces (and the chattering classes) of the West.

In the coming days, we will hear much about the tormented psychology of the Norwegian terrorist … who, as Glenn Greenwald notes, will no longer be known as a “terrorist” at all — precisely because he is white, Christian and a “patriot.”


Nasir Khan said...

The enormity of the crimes of this Christian fundamentalist with extreme rightist agenda and his well-planned and methodical slaughter of so many young people baffles many of us in Norway and around the world. Norway is a free and democratic country where people can express their views. There is a high level of tolerance and acceptance of people of European and non-European origin who have different religions, modes of living and social ways. These things make Norway a brilliant example of how a just socio-political system should be.
At the same time, I am also aware of the dangers and pressures that non-European communities in Norway and the rest of the western world could have faced if this mass murderer were not a blond native Norwegian but a non-European. We know how the non-white communities, especially Muslims, were treated throughout the West after the 9/11. So, no matter who was responsible for the 9/11, all Muslim communities had to face terror and insults at the hands of the white people. I had seen and also experienced myself how the Muslims were subjected to much humiliation in Norway at the hands of some people.

Nasir Khan said...

Morgan wrote in reply to my comment:

The problem with Christian Fundamentalists is a lack of Christian Fundamentalism, if they care for anything in the bible at all you will find it is in the Old Testament only.

It's not surprise he was a Zionist, it's a Nazi type ideology based upon the principle of 'whatever means necessary' to create a 'racially' pure state and win Liebensraum in the neighbouring lands. Right wingers are drawn to Zionism because it appeals to their aggressive, racist instincts - if it was a Hindu State and had the power and influence Israel has and used those methods - they would express admiration also.

What i find strange about all this is - he killed ninety people to make a political protest - in a country whose standard of living, democratic pedigree and future are all platinum plated. If it was Sri Lanka or say Burma you could maybe understand...

That leads me to believe this was a guy seeking fame and self publicisation, best thing Norway could do is change nothing - no reactionary responses.
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