Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Bush, Blair and Breivik

Allen L. Jasson, MWC News, August 1, 2011

Bush, and Blair
It was mentioned in an MWC News item of July 27th that “Breivik’s lawyer, Geir Lippestad, said that he was probably insane” and in another on the same day he was described as “a psychopathic fantasist”. Similar comments have been made by police and other commentators; most people probably agree – now. Before the attack, however he had never been under surveillance and had never been arrested and it’s interesting that people who knew or were acquainted with Breivik described him as “like anyone else”, “a modest person … well dressed… well educated”, someone who “did not attract attention” he had “attended a middle class high school” and was “a member of the Progress Party”. Of course, the stereotypic comment “a bit of a loner” creeps in as almost a mandatory label attached to anyone and everyone who does this sort of thing (without state sponsorship). But then, in a world that shops on-line, drives to work in an insulated, personal capsule, spends most of its leisure time in front of a television and resents friends dropping in unannounced, isn’t everyone?

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