Friday, July 08, 2011

Health Care in Cuba and America

 Stephen Lendman, MWC News, July 5, 2011

Under Article 50 of Cuba’s Constitution:

“Everyone has the right to health protection and care. The state guarantees this right:
  • by providing free medical and hospital care by means of the installations of the rural medical service network, polyclinics, hospitals, preventative and specialized treatment centers;
  • by providing free dental care;
  • by promoting the health publicity campaigns, health education, regular medical examinations, general vaccination and other measures to prevent the outbreak of disease. All the population cooperates in these activities and plans through the social and mass organizations.”
Cuba’s Article 51 also guarantees free universal education at all levels to young people and adults. Cuba isn’t perfect, far from it, but imagine if America matched these social benefits, ones Cuba provides at miniscule cost because services eliminate bureaucratic and other waste that enrich Western healthcare provider predators.

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