Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Le Monde report on birth defects in Falluja In Falluja, “monster babies” raise questions over US weapons used in 2004, July 5, 2011


Did the American army use nuclear weapons in Iraq?

This is the surprising question raised by France Info on Friday June 10. In partnership with Paris-Match, Angélique Férat, radio correspondent for the area, returned to the city of Fallujah, about fifty kilometers from Baghdad. The city, a stronghold of the Sunni insurrection, was attacked and partially destroyed by American forces in April 2004 and again in November the same year. Since then the city has seen a very high number of birth defects – so much so that, according to Angélique Férat, “almost every family has its own ‘monster baby’”. The Iraqi authorities refuse to consider the subject and there are no official statistics.

 Ms. Férat is not the first journalist to consider the fate of the city’s children. In May 2008, the British television channel Sky News sounded an alarm about the rate of congenital malformations there. An official of a local human rights organisation spoke of 200 cases of congenital malformations, the majority of which happened after the bombardment of the city. . . .

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