Sunday, July 10, 2011

UAE sublets air base to US for drone attacks

Press TV,  Jul 7, 2011
Javed Rana, Press TV, Islamabad
From where do these missiles armed US drones fly to allegedly target militants’ hideouts in tribal areas at the expense of Pakistan’s sovereignty?
It is not a secret any more after Pakistan’s Defense Minister Ahmed Mukhtar finally admitted that drones fly from country’s southwestern Shamsi air base.

He said Pakistan has asked the US to evacuate the air base —- something —– Washington has refused to do so far.

Caught between the public demands and US pressure, the officials blame the previous governement fort the current conditions.

The US was never given access to carry out drone attacks. Washington was given access only for civilian purpose during the previous government. The matter had been raised over Washington’s control over the base at the highest level with the US government.

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